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paint suggestions for stiga players  


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12/09/2018 9:02 am  

anyone know the best paint to use? some paints that say they work on plastic end up being tacky. thanks

edit: I originally said spraypaints, but if anyone knows of non spraypaint (like hobby paint or other) that would help.



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21/12/2018 4:40 pm  

If I were you, I'd try just regular old Testors Model Paint.  Stiga made blank white sets called "paint your own team" or something like that. You should buy a set of those if you haven't already, and see what the model paint does on a single player. The regular over the counter team sets aren't made to be painted over, so that could be the problem if that's what you tried first.

If the model paints act the same way, then you may have to use a plastic adhesion promoter of some sort, primer, paint and let cure for a proper amount of time. Generally it's not the paint that causes the tackiness, it's the preparation. You can buy the plastic adhesion promoter in aerosol form at most any store that sells jobber auto body supplies. I'm not sure if that's ideal for what you're wanting to paint, but you could always stop in and ask, and I'm sure they'd be able to help you out.