RANT: NHL Officiating during the playoffs  


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03/05/2019 9:12 am  

Just gonna blow off some steam here. I'll start by saying I don't have a dog in the fight. My team is out of it. 

The level of officiating in the NHL playoffs this year has been a special kind of stupid. There seems to be no consistency in the officiating in the playoffs and it seems to be getting worse.  Maybe the consistency is in the inconsistency.... 

I heard Ron Maclean mention during last nights COL - SJ game 2nd intermission that the reason the Avs were not called for tripping Karlsson during the PP was that the refs are maybe 'cautious' about having a 5 on 3 situation that dictates the result of the game (when it's 0-0) ? Huh?  Nick Kypreos says that maybe Karlsson didn't quite sell it enough because he's a stand up player and didn't lose the puck? Uhhh What?

That missed tripping call affected the flow of the PP by SJ into the COL zone, and resulted in COL mounting a shorthanded attack in the SJ zone. What am I missing?

End Rant. 

Anyways, the series has been fun to watch. COL came out hard last night and played the full 60 while SJ had some lazy shifts that they payed for. 

Wouldn't surprise me at all if this series goes 7.





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