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A slow grind, but there's more to come!  


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20/04/2020 11:15 am  

Hello Everyone:

I just want to thank everyone who's registered, contributed or even just browsed the site for a few seconds. 

As the sole content manager for the website,  I haven't had much time to contribute as much as I've wanted to. Life gets in the way, as they say. But It's my hope to continue adding more content, like photos, videos, and other features as time permits. 

In the meantime, I hope there are a handful of you out there that will continue to find this website as a good resource and a place to connect going forward,

If you have any suggestions on things you would like to see on the website or any thought on the site, please feel free to share them here. 

Thanks again,





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07/07/2020 8:49 pm  

Hi Pete. I'm Dean and new to the site. I have the Stiga Stanley Cup game and have a problem with the plastic ice sheet being cupped upward on the left and right wing players and the Puck gets caught on the cupped edge.  I've remove the ice sheet via the guide of a video and cleaned up the ice sheet but now I need some advice as to whether I can straighten the ice sheet using heat somehow or placing it in the microwave the placi g it on the granite counter top to cool.