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Any options or ideas for replacement glass stanchions?  


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06/04/2020 2:21 pm  

Hello, I am new here.  Pulled out my old Overtime Gretzky Hockey from the attic for my kids who I think are old enough for it now.

It's in excellent condition but I realized 2 of the stanchions are cracked where they clip on that hold the glass.  

The glass was actually really useful from what I recall, and helped to keep the puck in play quite often.  I can't find any replacement parts online of course.

Anyone come up with an alternative?

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06/04/2020 3:57 pm  

Hi there: Thanks for the question. 


If you have access to a 3D printer, one solution would be to download the 3D object file of the glass support from the file library on our website. The link is here:


I created this 3D file in Sketchup a couple years ago and outsourced them to be printed on 3D Hubs to see how they would work, and they worked really well. See photo below for finished version, printed in white ABS.

I'd like to just offer them for sale here on the website eventually, but I thought I would at least offer the 3d file for anyone that needed it. Hope this help!



P.S. Link below is an image of the brackets, not the 3D file itself....


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