ICEFX Hockey - Why it didn't catch on  


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16/08/2018 8:16 pm  

So we had the opportunity to purchase a couple of these games off Kijiji ( non-Canadians can google it). For those that don't know the design of the game, it's a hybrid rod-air table hockey game. See the link to the Youtube video below. 

ICEFx Table Hockey game  

There are two different variations on the tables we have. One is NHL branded and came with the Maple Leafs and Canadiens.  The other is ICEFX branded and came with USA vs. Canada. While the gameplay is not horrible, it's not the best.

I think there were some missed opportunities to make this type of game design a new variation to a classic game which could have been very successful and a lot more fun to play. I think a big reason that it didn't catch on was that it tried to make a fun game far more 'techie' than it needed to be or wanted to be. There are some design flaws in the rod handles (very susceptible to breaking) and it's a big and bulky game, even by table hockey standards.  

Right now, ours are in storage, but we may just have to pull them out and see what kind of mods might improve this game. If you have any ideas or suggestions for mods to this game that would make it better, or if you have one of these games, let us know!