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30/08/2018 2:56 am  

A few days ago, we were made aware of some vintage Coleco hi-res player sheets that were available (possibly for a limited time) at an online blog. (Thanks!)  This prompted us to download the sheets so we can make them freely available to anyone who may want them, since this was the blogger's intention. 

So with this, we decided to get to work on a resources library for registered members of the website who are looking for older graphics, custom graphics, 3D models,  game documents and other hard-to-find info. 

Eventually, we would like to invite all members to contribute to the library. Before doing so, we think it's important to adhere to any rules regarding copyright or creative commons licenses for any resources that become available. If you have any input regarding the sharing of resources in this capacity, we would appreciate any info you may have for this.

Check back here for further updates.